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Hello, dear soul!

In case this is the first time you're coming across my work, I'm Noémie, and I'm the human behind Lady Nuage.  I'm an energy healer & channel, and I am here to share these gifts with anyone who feels aligned with my energy and sense of purpose. 


A few years ago, I answered the call to anchor more light and love on this planet – a call you may have felt, too, as more and more of us are deciding to trust our inner guidance once again.


That call looks different for everyone, and for me, I have found that I am at my most aligned when I ebb and flow through sharing these loving energies through these main avenues:

 energy healing sessions

 spiritual support & teaching

I would love to be able to share some of what I have access to with you on this magical journey that we call life. Take a look around, and when you feel called to (you'll know, it's a lovely little nudge and it feels expansive and light), head over to work with me to book a session. I can't wait to meet you!

With love, 

- Noémie xo

noemie with glasses

A message for you...

If you're feeling the call to be more, to do more, to love deeper, too, here's a message from our loving Guides:

Welcome, dear one.

We have been waiting for you.

We hear you, your heart, your soul, your longing.

Know that we are with you always.

And know that we are so close to you. You are so close to us.

Trust in the process. 

Trust in yourself.

You will see - you are worthy of so much more than you allow yourself to dream.

Our inner connection to All That Is

I truly believe that we can all remember our wholeness and embody our inner power within this lifetime.

Energy healing modalities can be incredible tools to assist you in your journey. I speak from experience: I am generally happier, more loving and patient, and more myself since I've began this journey. 


My wish for you is that your spiritual and healing journey enables you to remember how to connect to the infinite source of Love that we all have access to.

Are you ready to expand your spiritual gifts?

​I tend to attract those who are in the awakening phase of their spiritual journey, so if this is your first time here, you might be feeling that right now... a newfound or rapidly expanding curiosity around spiritual and metaphysical tools, an interest or maybe a pull that feels a bit like a calling, to learn more, dive in, trust your intuition and your inner guidance, to reach deep truths within you.

Maybe your gifts are even turning on unprompted, revealing themselves through automatic movements or memories that even might feel like visions.


If that's you, my aim is to help you navigate those shifts and support you in your journey to fully trust your intuition and gifts so that you can share them with the world in an ethical, conscientious and empathic way.​

Let me be your guide through this journey.

I know a thing or two.

And I want to share that with you.

A note on what I value

If you're considering working with me and are curious about my values, I've set up a separate page with more. I hope this will answer your questions!

Reiki sessions & courses

I really enjoy using Reiki as an energy healing modality (it's just soooo loving and gentle), so that's primarily what I use when I practice energy healing sessions.

I also teach Reiki courses.

self reiki.jpg

As a Lightworker, one of my many roles here & now, is to help as many as possible remember their undeniable, unshakeable worth.

And this starts with looking inward. 

After all, everything always starts within. 

So look inward, dear soul. WHAT DO YOU SEE? 

Because I see so much LOVE and so much ABUNDANT CREATIVE POWER.

If you are finding yourself here, my guess is that you are on this very path of expansion yourself. I am so excited for you! I know some of it may be messy, a bit hard at times even, but the freedom that comes within knowing your own connection to the Universe is so worth it.

Free: extended Light  Language recording

I've recorded a beautiful light language message with the intent of sharing it here. It's really powerful, and it's available here, for anyone who feels drawn to it!!


So if you are curious, just pop in your email below and you'll be redirected to it. You'll also be added to my mailing list, but I'm not exactly a newsletter writer so you won't be hearing from me very often...

Enter your email below to access it now:

And if you were wondering about the name:

means cloud in French.


Let's Connect...
  • TikTok
  • YouTube Channel
  • Instagram Profile
  • Facebook Page

When inspiration or guidance strikes, I post short energy healing clips online - usually Light Language messages, primarily on TikTok and Instagram.


If you're curious about longer livestreamed healing sessions, you can take a look at what's on Instagram and YouTube. I've also uploaded a few ASMR videos up there for you, if that's your thing!

I've also got a Facebook page if that's your preference, but I'm really not on there much...

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