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My name is Noémie, and I'm the human behind Lady Nuage. 

I'm a Reiki Master & Light Language Channel, among (many) other things.

I like to share the light I hold in ways that support your journey.

I offer energy healing sessions for yourself or your pets, in person as well as remotely.

I also create custom light language recordings for those who are curious about the modality and want to dip their feet into this beautiful healing energy. And what perhaps gives me the most joy, is that I get to teach to those who are interested, how to tap into certain energies and develop their energy healing skills.


I am many things, but first and foremost I am a human. I love my humanity, and how hard it can be some days. It teaches me so much, always. That mystical journey that we are all on.


I am a woman, a daughter, a sister.

I am a teacher, a mentor, a healer.

I am a student, a creator, a traveller.


I am flawed, and yet I am perfect.


I am connected to the Universe.

I am.

I am a fierce believer that the love within our hearts can change the world. That deep-rooted belief is one that shapes both the work that I do, and how I show up as a person.


And with good reason: learning to love more, to love deeper, has irrefutably changed my life for the better.

I believe in Love.

Yes, I believe in love. In all types of love. In big love, in shy love, in inner love, in love for your neighbour, in love of all Beings. To me, love is far more than an emotion. It is the lifeblood of all conscious Beings. It is the energy that weaves the fabric of life.


It is the pulse of the Universe, the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


It is the most direct connection to the Divine.

It is Divine.


Life changing.


It is more than I had dreamed of, and it is what I wish to keep exploring for as long as I'm able. How to love more. It's a life quest, and it is ever so worth it.

If you're curious about my skillset, let me reassure you that my left brain is on overdrive when it comes to a relentless thirst for knowledge. I will list my certifications below, and do check back once in a while as I integrate more wisdom into my Being, and into my practice.

I have had the honour of becoming a Reiki Master, a title that I hold dear as the practice of Reiki has truly changed my life, and my perspective on the ability to self-heal.

I am an intuitive and an empath. Most of the wisdom that comes to me manifests through  claircognizant and clairsentient intuition. 


I also have the gift of tongues, of speaking in the Language of Light.

Experiencing Light Language channeling truly is a magnificent experience, and I recommend it to all those who feel curious about it. That's the beautiful thing about this innate human ability to communicate and heal: it shows up in people's lives at the perfect time.

Non-cognitive communication is healing, creative, and multi-faceted beyond what the human brain can grasp. I talk about it a lot, because I love it so much and it has done so much miraculous good in my life. 

Much love to you, for stopping by and sharing some of your journey with me.

- Noémie <3

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