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My love, always check in with your own Inner Wisdom when you are exposed to new

inner You? You may know this already, but let me remind you nonetheless:

ideas, methods, experiences. Does what you

are hearing or reading feel true to the

You  have  all   the  answers



You always had,

and you always will.

The trick for most of us is to remember how to actually hear our inner voice.

To get to a place where we feel that it is safe to trust our intuition.

And then to be willing listen.

It's a process.

It takes a willingness to embark on a journey into our OWN Selves, recognizing our limiting beliefs, our fear-based patterns, our shadows, our Light. It takes growing our ability to Love, to be compassionate, to be forgiving. It takes being gentle with ourselves, loving this most important person at the center of our very lives. It takes being patient, curious, child-like. It takes connecting, at a level deeper than our brains can comprehend.


And it is so worth it. 

Because on the other side of it is  pure magic.

On the other side of the beginning of the journey even, there is more joy.

There is more love; there is more fun.

There is more freedom.

There is expansion, connectedness, flow.

There is expanded creativity.

There is wisdom.

There is inner peace.

There is healing.

If you are finding yourself here, my guess is that you are on this very path of expansion yourself. I am so excited for you! I know some of it may be messy, a bit hard at times even, but the freedom that comes within knowing your own connection to the Universe is so worth it.

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