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Disclaimer: Use your own Discernment 💛

Hey love! If you're here, hopefully it's just out of curiosity. I umm'ed and aah'ed for a while about creating a disclaimer page, and I guess I still have a bit of polarity on the topic, so here it is!


I just wanted to remind you of something that I believe strongly in, and that I've talked about in video form: always use your own judgment and discernment first! If something doesn't resonate for you in what I say, then let it go and keep only what makes your heart feel warm! 

Also: if I talk about ascension symptoms and the like, don't take it as a replacement for a medical diagnosis! (Hopefully that's obvious.) I'm not a medical doctor, and what I say carries no weight in that sense. So: nothing on this website or anything I publish is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or medical conditions. If you have a physical or medical condition, you should seek the advice of your medical professional. Also if you feel unsure about anything related to energy work, check inward first (is it a fear?), and if you're not a hundred percent sure that it's a fear, you should check with your licensed healthcare practitioner. Again, use your own discernment! 

Lastly, if you're here because your left brain is screaming out "this energy stuff is nonsense", then I invite you to think of Light Language as ART. Beautiful, creative, connected, expansive, intelligent, wise, crazy art. That simple. You like it, or you don't. And that may change over time, too. :-)

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