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I've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful Souls since I've decided to share my skills and gifts with the world.

I am so grateful to every single one of you, for sharing and co-creating and your willingness to go deep into your own journey.


Below are words from some of them.

I did a Reiki Level 1 course with Noemie, it was an amazing experience her soft guidance and teachings are ground breaking and really elevated me in my journey! i would recommend this course to anyone and i am looking forward to being able to start level 2! 😀

- Saadiqah O.

She is caring, loving, sweet & Beautiful Spirit... Tyvm for being in Service & all you do... Blessings ✨💗🦋🌺🌈

- Candace S.

I have had 4 light language sessions with Noémie. It has been a powerful and activating experience for me which has been a huge CONTRIBUTION to my life. I am going through a life changing transition and i feel the healing sessions helped me feel more EASE, PEACE and LOVE during this process.

- Nicole L.P.

I wanted to share with you my experience of an online light language Session I had with our wonderful fellow ❤Noémie Lee Johnson❤ 

Something made me really curious about light language and I really felt drawn to give it a try, even more as I felt radiant loving vibes just from seeing Noémie and I confirm she really is so loving and caring, the two words that came up for me after the session: she's love & light💖 


She started the session by explaining briefly what light language is for her. After having shared with her the theme I wanted to work with she started with the 'download'. You just have to be open and receptive 💜 as it is not a non cognitive language your mind cannot understand (and can luckily not interfere) but all the rest of you will get the message it needs to get 😊💖


At the end she also shared with me some important elements in English language, which was great and I could perfectly relate 🤗 she wrapped the session up with useful tips on what to do the very first days after the session.


I'm so grateful I followed my curiosity and tried light language with Noémie. 
Light language might maybe sound weird but it's a loving and magical experience 🤩

Again Thank you Noémie❤
If ever you feel curious, check out her page or reach out to her directly 🌺

- Nadja P.

Absolutely wonderful distance healing.

- Jen A.

Wild love for this heart, mind and consciousness. Lady Nuage is so powerful and loving, she’s a gift here. I feel very lucky to have come across her 🌟

- Seanin B.

I'm so grateful to have experienced messages of healing and love from Lady Nuage. 💜 Afterwards, I felt like there were less obstacles towards where I wanted to go. Her beautiful being and heart were such a gift. 💜💜 So happy to have her in my tribe 💜💜

- Carlene G.

I first came across a video of Noémie speaking about gratitude. I was immediately drawn to her energy and the grace with which she spoke about a topic that so many people have spoken about before, with such simplicity and yet such depth. I then came across her ‘lightening bolts’ on Instagram.

I believe it triggered a ‘remembering’ of sorts in me. I woke up the next day and contacted her for a 10 min customized light language session. What came back, was something so powerful and gentle and full of wisdom; I continue to listen to it and absorb it on many levels.

What Noémie offers is a gift to be experienced.

Thank you Noémie.

Much love ❤️ 

- Deepti G.

She’s wonderful and gifted. All should experience her gift.

- Rick T.

powerful.. magnetic... illuminated

- Susan T.

Your words of love <3

- tba

I recently completed the Reiki Level 1 course with Noemie and highly recommend this course to anyone who is being drawn to learning reiki.

First, Noemie is a patient, kind and knowledgeable reiki master, ready to answer any questions while you go through the process. She is very intuitive and can provide insight into what comes up for you during the reiki cleanse. I felt very comfortable approaching her throughout the course with any questions I had.

The course is very hands-on, and you get the tangible skills you need to conduct reiki on yourself and others. Implementing a reiki practice with my daily meditation and yoga has amplified my spiritual practice. I notice changes in my mental and physical health. Day-to-day I feel much more clear headed and relaxed, my anxiety levels have decreased and my connection to the collective has heightened.

Thank you, Noemie for this beautiful gift.

- Sonia D.F.

Noémie’s magical energy brought together so many incredible souls that the whole Reiki level 1 course felt like a big loving family gathering. I feel so greatful we all got to share this wonderful journey with each other in the guidance of the most beautiful teacher Noémie. I couldn’t possibly imagine a better person to guide you with Reiki than her. She is so genuinely loving, caring and generous in sharing her insights and gifts. Reiki itself has helped me to connect with my feminine energy on a new level and led me to a path I was scared to even dream about before. I’m eternally greatful for Noémie putting this course together and can’t wait for the next one. ✨

- Peppi O.

Noemie is an incredibly dedicated and compassionate teacher. Her ability to both communicate subjects clearly and also make space for wider group discussion brings so much depth to her lessons and really creates a sense of safety and community. She really goes above and beyond to answer any questions and also provide intuitive guidance where she feels it is needed.

Having just completed the Reiki level 1 course with Noemie, I can already see the positive impact it is having on my day to day life both physically and mentally, and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with this wonderful human being. Her light is infectious.

Thank you sister for sharing this gift ✨ 🙏

- Sinéad M.

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