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-   the  11:11  spiritual  coaching   program -

Three tracks, three energy exchange types. I think all are so important, and I like to play in the realm of them all. Feel into them-my guess is that you already know which one feels good to you.

1.  We  get     together via  a  private   session.

This is focussed energy work & channeling catered just For you.

Sometimes, it's just really good to go to someone for a service... be it getting your hair cut, or getting physical therapy, or whatever else... it doesn't mean you can't do it yourself, it just means that you appreciate the different perspective and that luscious feeling of putting your self-care first, of gifting yourself something truly special, of relaxing into the care of someone else for a moment.

So if that's what feels good to you, the 1:1 session is a perfect fit for you!

Energy Tools for Empaths & Sensitives

Feeling all the feels around you? If you're an empath or a sensitive, this is perfect for you!

Maybe you're even getting this nudge that what may have been a slightly draining experience can actually be reframed as being your biggest gift, because it really can be! 

Currently, I offer custom 1:1 coaching & training on the tools that have worked for me. We can start where you're at, and build on that - I find that this is always the most effective way to go.

If you'd rather learn this in a classroom/group setting, let me know! If there's enough demand I'll for sure set something up for you!

ReConnecting to The wisdom within


For all my lovely Starseeds & Lightworkers out in the world.... you know already deep within that this unity consciousness is well on its way to be anchored into our current reality, making us the shepherds of New Earth.

Maybe you're looking to remember a bit more about your Light Language, or you want to deepen your intuitive channeling. 


If that's the case, I'll happily witness you on your journey back to your own infinite well of wisdom. I'll "sing the note" so that you can rise up to that frequency and recognize it within yourself.

This is full of ceremony and magic and beauty and love. 

It's also a time to really dive deep into the philosophy & ethical considerations of this work & these skills and abilities.

It's my favourite thing to do.

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