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My Journey: Interviews

More on my journey coming soon... in the meantime, check out these interviews in which I share a bit more about myself and my journey!

Interview on the Project of now podcast

In this candid interview, Sabina Eng and Nathan Webb, hosts of the Edmonton-based Project of Now Podcast, ask me about my story, what drew me to energy work, and what Light Language is. I introduce them to Light Language by channeling some live.

Interview on the freedom network show

When the host of the Freedom Network, Seanin Banrion, asked me if I'd want to be on the show, I immediately accepted. As you'll hear in this interview, we started speaking Light Language on the same day, but thousands of miles apart. 

We talk about being human and on the path to self-actualization, among other things. I channel a beautifully powerful Light Language message towards the end.

interview on the inside scoop show

In this interview, host Nick Pereira and myself chat about the mental loops that can keep us stuck; we also discuss a bit of my story and part of my path to self-discovery.

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