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I am a big believer in sharing and being in service freely as much as our internal balance is maintained. Multiple times a week, I share 1-minute Light Language messages, the Lightning Bolts.


 They are are so powerful and a great tool at your disposal if you are either curious about what the Language of Light is, or are looking to incorporate more of that beautiful modality into your daily life.

You can watch the latest Lightning Bolts below.


If you're coming to visit from your desktop, you'll know which ones they are because of the video icon.

On your phone, try the images with my face, more likely than not it's a Lightning Bolt!


If you enjoy them, why not get your own light language recording?

They're 5-10 minutes each, and are on at a steal of a deal right now: C$11 (so that's about USD$8 or £6).

Click here to book yours now.

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I don't foresee myself emailing you all that often, but feel free to share your email with me so that I can share with you when I hold specials/discounts, free live healings, or when there's something that I really think you'd benefit from if I share it with you.

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