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I'm Noémie, and I'm the human behind Lady Nuage. I'm a Reiki Master & Light Language Channel, among (many) other things.

As a Lightworker, one of my many roles here & now, is to help

as many as possible remember their undeniable, 

unshakeable worth. And this starts with looking inward. After all, everything Always starts within. And that applies to me just as much as the next person.


So I will be the first to tell you, that as much as I believe in the Soul's inherent perfection, my very human existence is a daily reminder that we are each living complex and unique lives, feeling a vast spectrum of emotions, having gone through experiences that shape us, and colour how we see the world and interact with it.

Let me be your guide, your friend, your sister, through this journey.

I know a thing or two.

And I want to share that with you.

I'd love to have you join me on this journey.


about me

 I know why I am here: to share my love, to shine my heart.

Get to know the human that I am.



 I know why I am here: to share my love, to shine my heart.


A collection of interviews where I share my story.


the journey

I share short videos here about what it's like to be a Lightworker. I talk about my current state of integration, and some of the tools that I have learned along the way.

It's with humility and joy in my heart that I welcome you into my digital home. I've tried to make it in my image, so that you can get a sense of what I am like and the kind of support I can offer you.


As with us all, I am constantly evolving, learning, growing, and what's here reflects that. So remember to come back once in a while to check out what's changed!

now, before you go on any further,

i'm going to ask something of you:



Take this next moment -or two- to slow down just a bit.

To take a few deep breaths.

To center into your heart.

Feel into your heart, maybe even placing your hands over your heart space while you do so. 

inner wisdom

Listen to your

speaking louder to you now.


I want to honour you for having given yourself this tiny yet significant gift of breath.

In our busy lives, our most simple connexions to the Self can so easily be overlooked. Simple moments like this one are beautiful, and powerful in helping us anchor our conscious awareness into more aspects of our lives.

As you wander through this site, let your curiosity guide you.

Your inner guidance has led you here, and somewhere in these pages, you very well may find something your Soul longs for you to learn (or to remember).

Inner knowing

Implicit to any Lightworker's view of the world around them, is their awareness of the importance of their Spirituality. I believe that each have their own unique understanding of what that means, and how that shows up in their lives. 

I honour and admire that.


We are all different in so many ways, so why wouldn't our cognitive understanding of the non-physical part of our existence be just as unique as our own selves?

In our world today, so many words are used around spirituality, and so many practices and religions are in existence. Added to that, are our own experiences relating to those.


I don't know that I will always be able to find the words to use that won't trigger anybody when describing our non-physical aspect, but know that my intent is to be as inclusive as possible.

That said, always check in with your own Inner Wisdom when you are exposed to new

ideas, methods, experiences. Does what you

are hearing or reading feel true to the

inner You? You may know this already, but let me remind you nonetheless:

You  have  all   the  answers



You always had,

and you always will.

However, the trick for most of us is to remember how to actually hear our inner voice.

To get to a place where we feel that it is safe to trust our intuition.

And then to be willing listen.

It's a process.

It takes a willingness to embark on a journey into our Selves, recognizing our limiting beliefs, our fear-based patterns, our shadows, our Light. It takes growing our ability to Love, to be compassionate, to be forgiving. It takes being gentle with ourselves, loving this most important person at the center of our very lives. It takes being patient, curious, child-like. It takes connecting, at a level deeper than our brains can comprehend.


And it is so worth it. 

Because on the other side of it is  pure magic.

On the other side of the beginning of the journey even, there is more joy.

There is more love; there is more fun.

There is more freedom.

There is expansion, connectedness, flow.

There is expanded creativity.

There is wisdom.

There is inner peace.

There is healing.

If you are finding yourself here, my guess is that you are on this very path of expansion yourself. I am so excited for you! I know some of it may be messy, a bit hard at times even, but the freedom that comes within knowing your own connection to the Universe is so worth it.


Let me assist you on your Soul Journey on this Earth.

It is an honour to share what I have learned along the way with you. 

Learn to use practical, non-intrusive energy healing tools to assist in this self-discovery journey.

Free Resources

videos, blog

As I compile free content that I have published over the years, I will make them available directly via the blog.

Reiki Treatment
Energy Healing

reiki, light language

I offer sessions both in person (if you reside in the Edmonton area in Canada), or online via Zoom.



Feeling ready to dive deeper into your spiritual awakening journey? Along with Reiki courses, I offer a customized instruction path to meet you where you are.

About me

Much love to you, for stopping by and sharing some of your journey with me. <3

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